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(project was presented on International Design Biennial 2004 in Saint-Etienne, France)

Urban FurnitureUrban Furniture

This urban furniture system consists of public bench, dust-bin, street lamp, clock, outdoor advertising and urban pylon. The project presented compromises a couple of basic assumptions distinguishing it from other solution of that type. Firstly, based on principle "minimum construction - maximum function", each main structural part of this system has one common stem, which by joining with another optional elements, allows to erect more developed variants of the system. This stem is based also on one concrete foot (foundation), what reduces costs and workmanship time. Littering is just another problem of most cities. The solution presented encourages one to use the dust-bin by combining it with a bench in a hybrid construction, integrating these two functions. The system is extremaly flexible and versatile by the repetition of the same construction base in all elements, enabling creating any urban furniture combination, e.g. public bench with dust-bin, street lamp with two benches or bench with urban pylon, etc. As an additional adventage one should point out the simplicity of form and construction based on common profiles, which makes the system fit perfectly any architecture and surrounding. More urban furniture design...



(in co-operation with Marek Wiatrowski)

Bus StopBus StopBus Stop

The work was preparing for competition "Municipal public transport stop for Warsaw". The project presented compromises two basic assumptions distinguishing it from other solutions of that type. Firstly, the main stem - the identifier, medium of all the informations (the name of the stop, map, timetable, cash point, the internet and three cityboards for advertising). Secondly, the stop view to be diverted from the road axis by 15 degrees, owing to which it is focused on the vehicle always coming from the left-hand side. This solution will help especially seniors or invalids people have a better look for coming tram or bus. The other structural parts, such as frames, protection parts, metal roof allow to erect more and more developed variants of the stop. More urban furniture design...



Coffee TableCoffee Table

It’s a nice to have during party or other meeting everything what is needed within hands zone. But, what is important in minimal interior, everything should be invisible... Solution can be “Table Minimum” with hidden storage function. "Table Minimum” is dedicated for today interiors with minimal spirit. His simple form is based on principle minimum construction with maximum storage function. Table consists of two hudge auto-closed drawers. Each drawer perfectly fits to e.g. 125 CD’s, newspapers, books, candles, plates, glasses, spoons and everything what’s needed during party or other kind of meeting with friends. Table can be made from “board on frame” technology or solid MDF painted or wooden finished. More furniture design...



(project was presented on International Design Biennial 2004 in Saint-Etienne, France)

The Chaise LongueThe Chaise Longue

This furniture consists of two connected aluminium frames in "C" shape and wooden seat made from teak or acacia wood. Whole construction based on triangular plan, enabling creating any flexible seat combinations for our needs, for example wider back-support and narrow foot part or inverted. Chaiselongue can be used in different functions indoor, for example tv-watching and outdoor: terrace or garden. More furniture design...



Coffee CupCoffee Cup

Breakfast set "Triangle" is made from white porcelain. This is a protoptype phase. Dimensions: cup size 150 x 100 x 70 mm, saucer size 250 x 220 x 20 mm. More product design...



(project was created during design workshop in Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Etienne and presented on 1st International Design Biennial 1998 in Saint-Etienne, France)

Cardboard ArmchairCardboard Armchair

Sections are cut in five layers of cardboard and fastened together using a fretwork system. The construction is held together without adhesive. A mattress can be added for greater comfort. The armchair is a furniture which is easy to build and dismantle and can be used for two functions: sitting and relaxing. More cardboard furniture design...



Knife for fish scrapeKnife for fish scrape

Knife for fish scrape in fish shape. This is a part of whole knife set. More product design...



Logotype design

Logotype for Industrial Design Department in Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

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